annetterb (blo0barry) wrote in bandwagons_full,

Intro post

Ahoyhoy! I'm Annette and I come from the land down under...
I'm 18 and counting.
Was sent this way by Renee.
I suck at intros. Any questions?

I should have done this ages ago...
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YAY for intros! LOL! Thanks for actually doing one, even if it is late.

As for questions... What kinds of music do you like? Fav foods? I dont know. I feel like I should be interviewing you for a dating service or somehting... what is your ideal first date? LOL! JUST KIDDING!

And the dumbest question in the history of questions... Is everything really upside down in austraila...?? LMAO! Just kidding on that one! LMFAO!

No worries!

I like pretty much any kind of music. I was brought up on 'golden oldies' and those rock'n'roll dance songs thanks to my dad. Rap thanks to my brother. House and such thanks to my other brother. Then there's other stuff from my sister. So, uh. Everything? haha but I prefer what I basically just label Rock - From Fall Out Boy to... Radiohead to... ELO.
Favourite food = anything that tastes good at the time!
Ideal date... *flutters eyelashes* well...

Dude, upside down? Wha?! hahaha

HI ANNETTE!!! *waves* Welcome to the group, were really happy to have you. As a new member you get a whuten free cookie. It is the OFFICIAL food of Teenieburn 07. *hands over a whuten free cookie. ENJOY!!!!
Danke! =]
Yay cookies! Go Teenieburn!
About time! Hmmm...questions...who'd win in a fight - hurley in a hissyfit or grumpypete?

C'mon, no contest! Hurley!
Hissyfit Hurley is SCARY
Oh yeah, definitely.
It's the red hair!
Don't mess with anyone with red hair. Red heads are vicious I know, I am one. Well naturally anyway lol.

Redheads are awesome...but I'd definitely rather not piss one off :P