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Our Hearts Beat For the Diehards
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This is a Fall Out Boy community for all the true diehard Fall Out Boy fans out there. If you don't like Fall Out Boy simple solution, don't apply to the community, NO POSERS WELCOME!!!!! The rules in this community are simple and as fallows.

1)All posts are to pertain to one of the intrests listed in this community. Meaning if you want something posted I have to see that there is some sort of relevence to it being posted in this community or it will not be approved.

2)We are ANTI-Jenaenae so please don't be bothering us with your "omg I love Jenaenae she's the best thing that ever happened to Pete crap" if thats how you feel fine, but keep it to yourself.

3)I absolutely will not tolerate people who think they are better than others for any reason. We are all Fall Out Boy Fans there is no reason that we shouldn't be getting along.

4)There will be no bashing or putting down of other memebers of this community. Anyone who is doing this will get a warning and then the next time it happens they will be booted from the community.

5)EVERY new member MUST make an introduction post after being accepted. This post is REQUIRED to be submitted within 5 days of being accepted. If this post is NOT made within 5 days you will be given a warning, then 24hrs to submit the post before being kicked from the community.

6)Have fun and make sure that if you have any questions or complaints you let me know, I can't fix something if I don't know its going on.

Ok I feel the need to add to this because of recent intrest in this community. I obviously have NOT made it very clear that bandwangon's full is a community geared towards older more mature fans. OCASSIONALLY we will allow younger fans, but only if you act like a normal person and not an obsessed fangirl. We DO NOT like fangirls and if we think that you are one or are just too young in general your application will NOT be approved. If you are under the age of 18 please DO NOT even bother to apply, because more than likely you will be denied, unless we already know you and have INVITED you to join.
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